The client has been rebranding and refitting many of their Leonardo Hotels throughout the UK. We have been working with Cunningham Mclean partnership to create accurate visuals of their designs for many of the bars, lounges, receptions and bedrooms on a lot of these projects. The visuals have been especially helpful in ensuring the client is happy with the direction of the concept very quickly, and any discrepancies or design tweaks can be caught quickly before fitout. The images have allowed the client to feel confident in what they are doing and signoff the designs for tender fast knowing that they are faithfully accurate to how the space will look when complete. The images were then used on hoarding on site while fitout took place.

Leonardo Hotels, UK

Client: Fattal Hotel Group
Interior Design: Cunningham Mclean Partnership
Location: Scotland & England

We have been working with Abstract Canvas for 12 years and they have always delivered, they consistently exceed our expectation and allow us wow our clients and investors.

Gregory Coppin – Coppin Adam & Partners