Our Specialism

Interior Architectural Visualisation

Interior visualisation is about conveying the subtleties of a space and the atmosphere they will create. At Abstract Canvas we work hard to dig deep into the details, textures and lighting with you to create ultra-realistic images for unbuilt spaces. We work to accurately and beautifully reflect the design stories and intent of your projects, so that you and your clients can be confident in your chosen solutions and people can easily imagine themselves experiencing these spaces.

Exterior Architectural Visualisation

Exterior visualisation requires a view of the big picture as well as the small. Composition and attention to detail as always are paramount to capture the architectural journey of the spaces being proposed and created. We take our task seriously at Abstract Canvas to capture and distil the essence of your unbuilt project and showcase this in our visuals effectively and beautifuly whether this be to secure planning permission or advertise and market off plan. We seek to marvel people through the visuals we create, and build confidence in the as yet unrealised potential of a project.


High-end ultra-realistic still images that can be used in print or digital applications. High resolution for any use case. Digital sets, multiple angles, and varying options from panoramic to macro views for design documentation, advertising, social media and everything in between.


Help your clients understand the spaces you have created with cinematic animations showcasing, textures, space, scale, perspective and light through moving imagery linked to a perfect soundtrack. Elicit an emotional response to your projects that still images cant on their own and bring your clients on a journey through your design. Allow people to see your concept through your eyes as a designer or leave nothing to the interpretation of investors and prospective buyers.


When you want to provide an uncurated raw experience of a space and put the control in the hands of viewer. We can create photoreal pre rendered dynamic tours through spaces and 360 degree panoramic images. This provides some control to navigate projects while maintaining that beatiful high end still image quality without the technical overheads required of full real time solutions and can be consumed through PC, Mac, tablets and phones


A combination of a still and animation. These atmospheric and arresting looping footage capture short moments in time, highlighting the best a project has to offer. Using subtle animated elements like foliage, water, light these Extremely realistic and powerful images are used on websites, product pages and social media to great success.