LA architects, based near Brighton, East Sussex commissioned us to work with them and Habitat First group on their vision for Silver Lake in the Cotswolds. The focus for the project is to create a sustainable and inclusive community of holiday homes that remains close to nature, and the natural environment. The principal visuals we were tasked with creating was for the Spa and Leisure complex with a large focus on close links to the surrounding landscape and wildlife, with the buildings almost merging with the lake. We tried to create a strong sense of atmosphere and storytelling in these visuals with lots of nuance to make them feel special and natural.

Silverlake, Dorset

Architects: LA Architects
Client: Habitat First Group
Location: Dorset, England

We have been working with Abstract Canvas for 12 years and they have always delivered, they consistently exceed our expectation and allow us wow our clients and investors.

Gregory Coppin – Coppin Adam & Partners