We were approached by Hugh Hendry the award-winning hedge fund manager and St Barts Real Estate Investor to help him develop and visualise his newest exclusive holiday villa property on the Caribbean Island of St Barts. The Villa Sun Club was already well on its way on site and had already somewhat broken ground on the early components when we were tasked with creating some marketing visuals and animations to be used to secure bookings to the property before construction was complete. We worked very closely with Hugh to fine-tune and tweak his interior design ideas to ensure the visuals fully represented but also impressed upon the viewers that this was going to be a special place to stay. We helped Hugh to iterate on his initial ideas so that he was absolutely confident in what he was creating. With unobstructed views of the ocean looking over the trees, a truly special place has been created. You can see the finished photography on the Architect Nicollis website.

Villa Sun Club

Client: Hugh Hendry
Architects: Architecture Design Niccoli
Interior Designer: Architecture Design Niccoli/Hugh Hendry
Location: St. Barts

We have been working with Abstract Canvas for 12 years and they have always delivered, they consistently exceed our expectation and allow us wow our clients and investors.

Gregory Coppin – Coppin Adam & Partners